DAC 070-7000-S - VHS/DVD: Welding Library

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DAC 070-7000-S - VHS/DVD: Welding Library

This welding library consists of 12 videos that train welding students in the theory and practice of various welding and cutting techniques.  Useful within dedicated welding training programs as well as cross craft training programs. The series provides 21 hours of training. This package is available individually, in both DVD and VHS video format. A student workbook accompanies each unit.

Principles and Metallurgy * Welding Processes * Properties of Metals * Determining the Properties of Metals * Identification of Metals * Effects of Welding * Preheating and Post-Heating
General Techniques and Safety Practices
* Personal Safety Gear * Environment and Equipment Safety * Joint Preparation * Positions and Angles * Arc Length and Travel Speed * Depositing Beads * Positions and Techniques
Oxygen-Fuel Gas Cutting
* Equipment Set-Up * Setting Operating Pressures * Torch Operation * Performing a Straight Cut * Performing a Bevel Cut * Special Cutting Applications
Brazing and Braze Welding
* Capillary Action * Brazing Filler Metals and Fluxes * Equipment Set-Up * Brazing Aluminum * Braze Welding Cast Iron * Soldering Copper Pipe * Brazing Copper and Carbon Steel
Shielded Metal-Arc Welding Principles
* Welding Safety * Electrodes * Welding Equipment * Striking an Arc * Performing a Practice Weld * Finishing a Weld
Shielded Metal-Arc Structural and Pipe Welding
* Performing a Weld using the Inverted V Technique * Preparing a Pipe Joint for Welding * Pipe Welding Positions * Pipe Welding * Performing a Weld Using the Whip and Pause Technique * Performing a Weld Using the Inverted T Technique
Principles of TIG
* The TIG Electrical System * Electrical Settings * The TIG Shielding System * Adjusting the Flow Rate * TIG Electrodes * The TIG Torch * The TIG Weld
TIG Structural and Pipe Welding
* Welding Aluminum * Welding Stainless Steel * Welding Carbon Steel Pipe * Preparing Stainless * Steel Pipe * Welding Stainless Steel Pipe * Welding Carbon Steel Pipe in the 6g Position
Principles and Techniques of MIG
* MIG Welding Equipment * Equipment Set-Up * Transfer Methods * MIG Welding in the Vertical Uphill Position * MIG Welding in the Vertical Downhill Position * Welding Thick Aluminum
Weld Defects: Causes and Corrections
* Removing a Defective Weld * Overlapping, Undercutting, Distortion, and Warpage * Cracks, Craters, Porosity, and Inclusions * Burnthrough, Inadequate Penetration, and Incomplete Fusion * Brittle Welds, Arc Strike, and Excessive Spatter * Visual and Dye Penetrant Examinations * Nondestructive ExaminationsCutting: Plasma-Arc and Air Carbon-Arc
* Arc Cutting Processes * Air Carbon-Arc Cutting Equipment * Air Carbon-Arc Cutting Preparations * Air Carbon-Arc Gouging * Plasma-Arc Cutting Equipment * Plasma-Arc Equipment Setup * Plasma-Arc Cutting


  • Pump motor starter.
  • 24 VDC power supply with banana jack connections.
  • Primary reservoir, 15 gallon capacity.
  • Centrifugal pump, 1/2 HP, with inlet strainer.
  • Pipe stanchion, allowing for attachment of differential pressure transmitters and pressure transmitters at varying locations, and heights.
  • High-durability, powder coated surfaces throughout.
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.
  • 825 Weld Fault Comparison Kit
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