CM Certification Manual for Welding Inspectors


Selfstudy to prepare for AWS welding inspector exams. An excellent reference and introduction for those studying for the CWI examination. An updated version of the bestseller used by thousands of CWI candidates since 1977, now with a sleeker style and improved readability. Veteran editor Eugene Hornberger an SCWI has taught the AWS exam preparatory seminar for years. Hes packed this latest edition with a wealth of insights. CM Certification Manual for Welding Inspectors (AWS CM), cover the welding inspectors responsibilities standards joint geometry and terminology symbols, weldability destructive testing procedure and welder qualification welding, brazing, and cutting processes discontinuities NDE and inspector reports. Each chapter concludes with a selfadministered test similar in content and style to the actual CWI exam questions. Features a contemporary layout that includes tip boxes. This book has been invaluable to literally thousands of CWI applicants who studied on their own for the AWS CWI exam.dy to prepare for AWS welding inspector exams ISBN 0-87171-626-7 Format: Hard Copy