J1.1M/J1.1:2013 Specification for Resistance Welding Controls, AWS

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This standard provides nomenclature pertaining to the design, construction, and programming of resistance welding controls. Standard calibration and performance parameters as well as labeling and documentation requirements are also outlined. The purpose is to promote standardization, safety, and proper application of resistance welding controls. This document replaces RWMA Bulletin 5.

1 Scope and Applicability
2 Normative References
3 Terms and Definitions
4 Control Nomenclature
5 Interface Connections
6 Identification and Labeling
7 Performance
8 Performance Tests
9 Documentation
A (Normative) Weld Sequences
B (Informative) Example Precautionary Labels
C (Informative) Other Documents on Resistance Welding
D (Informative) Guidelines for Preparation of Technical Inquiries for AWS Technical Committees

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