WHC1.02 Physics of Welding and Cutting, AWS


Chapter 2 from the Welding Handbook, Ninth Edition, Volume 1, “Welding Science and Technology,” has been selected by the AWS Product Development Committee as a service to industry professionals. WHC1.02 Physics of Welding and Cutting, discusses two types of welds, fusion welds and solid-state welds. These are commonly differentiated by the physics of the metallic bonding mechanism. The chapter includes a discussion of the physics of energy sources-electrical, chemical, focused-beam, mechanical, and solid-state and energy transfer as they relate to the various welding processes. Also discussed are the physical phenomena of the electric arc, metal transfer, melting rates, the properties of metals and shielded gases, and the manner in which these and myriad associated phenomena contribute to successful (or unsuccessful) welds.

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