FlawTech-DSC-CB-1 - DSC Calibration Block

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FlawTech DSC-CB-1 - DSC Calibration Block

AWS-type block used for shear wave distance and sensitivity calibration.

  • Contains a 1.0” radius opposite a 3.0” radius. The 3.0” radius includes a.375” deep x .032” wide radius slot. Also contains a 0° reference point for checking exit point on wedge, and a .125” diameter through hole andcorresponding markings at 45°, 60°, and 70° for measuring actual refracted angle.  
  • In accordance with ASTM E164 and AWS 6.16.1B.  
  • Metric version available.  
  • Special DSC blocks with radius scanning surfaces for NPS sizes also offered.  
  • Dimensions: 1.000” thick x 4.000” long