Digital Welding Gauge With LCD display, GG-18

$109.00 $98.10

GAL Gage 18 Digital Welding Gauge With LCD display


  • Holds either the zero setting or measured value at any position at differential measurements.
  • Has a serial output to intervface with a computer or printer to process data.
  • Automatically turns on by moving the main scale or by pressing ON/OFF key.
  • Automatically turns off after four minutes of inactivity, conserving battery power.


Measures Butt         Weld Reinforcement,         Measures Throat,         LCD Display         IN / MM Switch

Slider Clamp Screw                                            Ouput Connector         Hold Switch         ON / OFF Switch

Model: 1110-301
Range (usage 1): 10mm/0.4"
Range (usage 2): 20mm/0.8"
Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005"

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