Skew-T Fillet Weld Gauge, w/ Calculator, Inch or Metric, GG-9c

$135.00 $121.50

GAL Gage Cat. 9c Skew-T Fillet Weld Gauge, Inch, w/ Calculator;

This fillet weld gauge was designed for checking angle of vertical member, weld acute side, weld obtuse side. This fillet weld gauge is available in Inch or Metric.


  • For checking angle of vertical member
  • For checking weld acute side
  • For checking weld obtuse side
  • Measurement Scale: Inch or Metric
About the Calculator:
A handy compilation of mathematical relationships between leg length, throats, skew angles and inspection dimensions. A must for designers and inspectors. The perfect companion to the G.A.L. Skew-T Fillet Weld Gauge, and included with your purchase.

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