OFC-1 Oxyfuel Gas Cutting Problems/Causes Sample Plate


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Oxyfuel Gas Cutting Problems and Causes Sample Plate

  • One-piece set
  • Created to demonstrate acceptable and unacceptable oxyfuel gas cutting edge conditions
  • The cause of each unacceptable condition is provided with the sample
  • This sample can be beneficial for all types of training activities---vocational schools, trade schools and apprentice programs
  • 8-1/2” X 11” plate comes pre-punched for insertion in three-ring binder or for display on the shop or classroom wall
  • Conditions represented include: Quality cut; Cutting tip too close to surface; Cutting tip too far from surface; Oxygen pressure too high; Oxygen pressure too low; Travel speed too fast; Travel speed too slow; Preheat too high; and Preheat too low