FlawTech-PDI-CB-4 - PDI Alternative ASME Blocks

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FlawTech PDI-CB-4 - PDI Alternative ASME Blocks

The new PDI Alternative ASME blocks meet the requirements of the Performance Demonstration Initiatice (PDI) Procedure No. PDI-UT-1, Rev. C, Fig. 4 (Ferritic) and PDI-UT-2, Rev. C, Fig.4 (Austenitic). These cover the generic procedures for the ultrasonic examination of both ferritic and austenitic pipe welds. These blocks offer users an economical alternative to fabricating multiple curved cal blocks (pipe sections) in many diameters and wall thicknesses.

The blocks are normally supplied in sets of 3 individual blocks:

  • (1) A516 Grade 70 Steel
  • (1) 304/304L Stainless Steel
  • (1) 316/316L Stainless Steel

Individual blocks of any one alloy are also available. See dropdown box below.

  • Block design consists of steps (wall thicknesses) measuring 0.500", 1.000", 1.500", and 2.000".  
  • Each step contains an EDM machined to a depth of 10% of wall x .010" wide x 2.0" long.  
  • Overall block size is 2.00" wide x 2.25" tall x 10.00" long.  
  • The scanning and reflecting surfaces are intentionally machined to simulate pipe and plate surfaces of 250 Ra maximum finish.  
  • Each block is permanently machine-engraved on one edge to include the block description, serial no., alloy, heat no., and FlawTech logo.  
  • The blocks are made from ultrasonically inspected, heat number traceable material supplied to FlawTech.