SWR-1 Structural Weld Replica Set, 5-Piece Set

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Weldperfect Structural Weld Replica Set
SWR-1 Five Piece Structural Weld Replica Set - Welding Defects Training Aid
The five-piece Weldperfect Structural Weld Replica Set is designed for training structural welding inspectors and welders. The samples include: 2 fillet-welded lap joints; 4-piece bend sample set; groove-welded butt joint. The variety of discontinuities exhibited includes: undercut, overlap and porosity. In addition, measurements of reinforcement and fillet weld size can be readily made. It is recommended for those preparing for the Practical (Hands-on) portion of the AWS Certified Welding Inspector examination. It is also excellent for other weld examination training programs requiring hands-on experience. 

T-joint Porosity Sample

Side A: Location A1: Cluster Porosity: (1/8”)+(3x3/23)=13/32 (0.406”) 
Location A2: Random Porosity: (3x1/8”)=3/8” (0.375”) 
Location A3: Random Porosity: (1/8”)+3x1/16”)=5/16 (0.313”) Weld size = ¼” 
Side B: Location B1: Linear Porosity: (2x1/16”)+(2x3/32”)=5/16” (0.313”). 
Location B2: Random Porosity: (1/8”)+(2x3/32”)+(2x1/16”)=7/16” (0.438”) 
Location B3: Random Porosity: (1/8”)+(2x3/32”)+(2x1/16”)=7/16” (0.438”) 
Weld size = ½” 

Butt Joint Sample
Undercut greater than 1/32”
Weld reinforcement greater than 1/32” and less than 1/8” 

Guided Bend Samples:
Bend A: Acceptable corner crack (3/16”), Rejectable crack (5/32”)
Bend B: Acceptable porosity (2@1/16”)
Bend C: Acceptable crack (5/64”), Rejectable crack (9/64”)
Bend D: No discontinuities 

Fillet Weld Sample A:
Side 1: Overlap present
Pockmark less than 3/8”, 2-1/2” from left end
Weld size = 3/16”
Side 2: Weld size = 3/16”
Side 3: Acceptable porosity
Weld size = ¼” 
Side 4: Undercut less than 3/32”
Weld size = 3/16” 

Filet Weld Sample B:
Side 1: Pockmark less than 7/8”, 2-1/2” from left end
Weld size = ¼”
Side 2: Multi-pass.
Weld size = 5/16”
Side 3: Arc strike 1-3/4” from left end
Weld size = 3/16”
Side 4: Pockmark greater than 5/8 (0.688), 1-1/4” from left end